Ageing – wrinkles, lines & sagging

Be it frown lines , wrinkles  around the eyes , lines appearing on the  top lip , thinning skin on the cheeks, sun spots on the  hands or those jowls starting to sag we sure notice those changes in our skin as we start to age. Sure ageing in inevitable but the rate at which it happens is debateable.


This is your natural exfoliation process responsible for sloughing off dead cells to make way for new cells coming through. Imagine a baby’s skin nice and soft and plump that is partly because it renews itself easily but as soon as we hit 25years old this all starts to slow down leaving it looking a little dull and not quite as smooth as it once was.

Solution -Rather than reaching for  scrubs which can aggravate and is only a quick fix, you need to add Vitamin A topically into your regime to correct natural exfoliation and incorporate AHA’s into your routine which will help to smooth the skin.


Collagen and elastin is what gives your skin the bounce and plumpness. From the age of 30 you produce about 1% less collagen each year. Things can speed this process up like sun exposure, smoking, poor diet and stress to name a few.

Solution- Use peptides, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Micro needling to stimulate the skins growth factors and natural collagen production.


Noticed any darker patches forming, maybe a few broken capillaries or just generally the tone doesn’t look as even as it used to? This is a result of  sun/light exposure over the years. We actually do most damage before the age of 20. The cells become weakend and break and tend to over produce pigment leaving the skin less even in colour.

Solution- Protection all year round. Make sure you use your SPF 365 days a year. Use lots of antioxidants both internally and externally. Vitamin A & C is perfect for correcting and repairing the uneven colour. Have regular vitamin facials so we can target even the deepest layers of the skin.


Skin feeling a little less nourished? As with age most things slow down and in particular we don’t produce as much moisture in the skin. One key ingredient the skin lacks is hylauronic acid and when this is deficient the skin feels less nourished.

Solution- Stimulate the natural moisture by applying hylauronic acid, using Vitamin A and internally take an omega which helps to hold moisture in the skin.

Treatment Recommendations

  • Active Vitamin Facial
  • Comcit
  • Caci Non Surgical Treatment